Quality Oak Framed Garden Rooms

Step into the extraordinary world of timeless elegance with our Oak Garden Rooms – where craftsmanship meets sophistication. Experience unparalleled beauty as the vaulted roof, adorned with exposed oak rafters, becomes the heart of your space. Our Garden Rooms transcend the ordinary, seamlessly blending with your existing home.

Marvel at the panoramic views through the feature glazed gable that bathes the room in an abundance of natural light, creating a captivating atmosphere. The fully tiled roof not only ensures a seamless integration between your home and extension but also offers a climate-controlled haven, inviting you to enjoy the space year-round.

Elevate your living experience by incorporating bi-folding doors – a gateway to a perfect harmony of indoor and outdoor living. Let the richness of oak and the allure of our meticulously designed Oak Garden Rooms transform your home into a sanctuary of timeless beauty and functional luxury.

Oak Garden Rooms

Case Studies

6m x 3.5m Oak Framed Garden Room

Previously shut off from the outdoors, this Oak Garden Room extension has instantly transformed this home both inside and out.
5.6m x 5.3m Oak Garden Room

Extending into their much loved and beautifully maintained garden, this charming Oak Framed Garden Room is now the most used room of our client’s home.
4.7m x 5.5m Oak Garden Room

This open plan Oak Framed Garden Room has not only created an elegant space to easily host their growing family but also a cosy environment for our clients to put their feet up at the end of a busy day.
4.2m x 3m Oak Framed Garden Room

Being the heart of every home, the kitchen should be a welcoming space for all the family to enjoy. This Oak Framed Garden Room Extension has transformed a previously cramped kitchen into a bright and inviting multifunctional space.