Quality Oak Framed Garages

Embrace the timeless elegance and versatility of our Oak Garages, meticulously designed to transcend the ordinary. Crafted with precision, our Garages seamlessly adapt to a myriad of needs – whether you envision a single bay haven or a grand two-storey sanctuary. Incorporating stables, workshops, and even dog kennels seamlessly integrated on the ground floor, while the first floor unfolds a realm of possibilities, offering luxurious accommodation or a refined office space.

In every detail, the enduring beauty of oak resonates. As the sturdiest of foundations, our oak Garages stand as a testament to craftsmanship, providing not just shelter but an embodiment of your aspirations. The interplay of carefully matched roof tiles harmonises with the natural surroundings, ensuring that your estate is not just functional but a masterpiece that enhances the very essence of your space.

Discover the fusion of practicality and aesthetics, where each oak beam tells a story of quality and commitment. Elevate your estate with our Oak Garages – where form meets function in a symphony of enduring sophistication.

Oak Framed Garages

Single Storey Garages

Our Oak Framed Garages offer a multitude of options, from housing your everyday car, a treasured classic or providing space for a workshop. Our bespoke designs will allow you to create a garage to suit all of your requirements from log stores to kennels and more.

Two Storey Garages

A Two Storey Oak Garage helps maximise the usage of your space, offering endless additional possibilities for the both the ground floor and first floor level; including workshops, accommodation, home offices and more.

Speak to a Designer

To start your Oak Framed Garage project we offer a free design consultation with one of our expert, nationwide designers. This allows us to spend time with you to discuss your needs, see the available space and any planning requirements needed.